About CGCN

About CGCN

Canadian Grapevine Certification Network (CGCN) is a Canada-wide not for profit organization comprised of members from Canada's four provincial grape growing associations. It's our mission to ensure high quality, certified disease-free grapevines in Canada.

Our Mandate

CGCN was incorporated in 2017 with a mandate to advance Canada's grape and wine industry by ensuring a sustainable domestic supply of certified propagative grapevine material. In addition to this, CGCN is the recipient of $8.4 million under AAFC's AgriScience Clusters program.

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Our Action Plan

CGCN will lead the Canadian Grape and Wine Science Cluster in 'fostering sustainable growth of the Canadian Grape and Wine sector' for the next 5 years.

Via our 23 research activities into management of grapevine virus diseases, cold hardiness and soil, water and crop quality, we will work to improve the quality of Canadian wines.

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Founding Members of CGCN

The founding members of the CGCN have each elected 1-2 representatives to sit on the CGCN Board of Directors.

About the BCWGC

The BC Wine Grape Council's mission is to promote the development of a strong and viable wine grape industry that will result in the production of world class wines and enhance the economic and environmental benefits to British Columbia.

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About the GGO

The Grape Growers of Ontario provides a variety of benefits and services to our members. We serve as the voice of our membership and an information resource for our growers, the general public, media, and our winery partners.

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About the GGANS

The Grape Growers Assc. of Nova Scotia is committed to the advancement of the production of quality grapes in Nova Scotia, advocates education, research, leading edge business practices and the building of strong bonds and alliances with our strategic partners.

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About the QWA 

The Québec Winegrowers Association brings together 71 diverse wineries and a passion to grow and promote an industry that continues to refine itself. Our wines are rooted in the soil and the landscape of Québec, and each vine bears the fruit of authentic, human and passionate experience.

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From Our Team

  • CGCN certification will make a long-term contribution to the continuous pursuit of excellence of the Canadian wine sector by ensuring that the best quality, disease free propagating material is available to the grape industry.
    Hans Buchler, Chair of CGCN
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