Grapevine Certification Programs

 Certification from the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network provides all stakeholders in the Canadian grape and wine industry with the confidence that our domestically produced grapevine propagation materials are virus-tested and pathogen-free.

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About Our Programs

Our Certification Committee and the CGCN Board of Directors have developed Certification Standards in consultation with industry leaders. 

The certification programs we offer follow these standards using a systems approach. Independent components such as virus testing, field inspection, isolation distances and vector control, all work together to minimize the presence and the spread of viruses.

CGCN recognizes the need to support growers within two entirely separate situations - an Interim Verification Program to virus test existing propagative blocks and Certification Programs for propagation of grapevines using nuclear material.

Interim Verification Program

This program produces saleable grapevines tested for Grapevine Leafroll associated Viruses 1 & 3, Red Blotch Virus, and Tomato Ringspot Virus. It includes the removal of high risk and/or infected plants.

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Certification Programs

CGCN offers two Certification programs to either test existing propagation blocks for viruses of concern, or propagate grapevines using Generation 1 (a.k.a. Nuclear) material.

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Look for this badge at your favourite Canadian Nursery to see if they are a Participant in CGCN's Certification Programs.

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We help ensure nurseries, growers and wineries have access to clean, quality grapevine material. To learn more about CGCN, or apply to our Certification Programs, contact our team today. 

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