CGCN-RCCV Certification Program

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CGCN-RCCV Certification Program 

The propagation and shipment of grapevines is considered to be a high-risk pathway for the movement of plant pests.  Viruses and virus-like organisms are very common in the production of grapevines.  While some viruses are known to have a minor effect on infected grapevines, other viruses can cause very serious diseases and can lead to major crop losses (e.g. Grapevine leafroll disease).  Grapevines that have been infected by viruses, and most other virus-like organisms, cannot currently be cured. The only way to remove a virus from a vineyard or a block of nursery grapevines is by destroying the infected host plants and by replanting clean grapevines free of viruses. A virus certification program, like the one developed by CGCN, is based on the propagation of grapevines using nuclear material (called Generation 1 (G1)). The CGCN-RCCV Certification Program uses a systems approach in order to produce virus tested grapevines. Various independent components such as virus-testing, field inspection, isolation distances, and vector control, all work together to minimize the presence and the spread of viruses.

CGCN has launched the long-term Certification Program as of September 16th, 2019. We are open to applications from nurseries at any level(s). Please contact us if there are any questions. 

CGCN-RCCV Certification Program 


SUBJECT: This program contains the requirements for the production of Vitis spp. nursery stock (grapevines) for domestic use, including ornamental species. This program uses a systems approach in order to produce virus tested grapevines.

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