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The Canadian Grapevine Certification Network's Board of Directors is composed of members from Canada's four established provincial grape growing organizations.

CGCN Meetings

The CGCN Board of Directors holds meetings on the last Tuesday of each month to discuss relevant issues and administration of CGCN. If you wish to bring something to the attention of our Board of Directors, please get in touch.

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The Canadian Grapevine Certification Network's Board of Directors

The following are the current voting members of the CGCN Board of Directors:

British Columbia Wine Grape Council

Hans Buchler, Chair

Howard Soon, Director

Grape Growers of Ontario

Bill Schenck, Vice-Chair

Matthias Oppenlaender, Treasurer

Quebec Wine Council

Louis Thomas, Director

From Our Team

  • The industry's long-term sustainability depends on our capacity to develop adaptive, innovative solutions that respond to the impact of both current and future climatic conditions on wine grape production.
    Jill Page, CGCN
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