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CGCN Certification

Certification from the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network will allow you to proudly show growers that your nursery offers high-quality, sustainable domestic grapevine material, tested free from virus.

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Our Certification Committee, and CGCN Board of Directors are currently developing the Certification Standards in consultation with industry input. Contact us for more information on how to become CGCN certified, and to stay up to date on our Certification Standards development process.

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From Our Team

  • CGCN certification will make a long-term contribution to the continuous pursuit of excellence of the Canadian wine sector by ensuring that the best quality, disease free propagating material is available to the grape industry.
    Hans Buchler, Chair of CGCN
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Learn more about CGCN Certification, and how you can demonstrate your nursery's commitment to producing quality grapevine materials.

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