Alleyway Cover Crops and Charged Biochar Application Alter Irrigated Vineyards Productivity

Posted Jul 15th, 2019 in Soil, Water & Crop Quality

Poster presented by Grape & Wine Science Cluster Primary Investigator Mehdi Sharifi at the 2019 BCWGC Enology and Viticulture Conference July 15-16th in Penticton, BC.

Ground cover in vineyards suppresses weeds and contributes to several essential ecosystem services, such as, water infiltration, carbon sequestration, nutrient retention, soil erosion control and provision of habitat and biodiversity. Despite increasing interest in the adoption of cover crops in vineyard systems, there remains concern over the implications of competition between grapevines and cover crops for water and nutrient availability. The use of biochar and compost mixture has been recommended for reducing the competition between cover crops and vine. This study aims to examine the effect of cover crops and charged biochar on wine grape yield and yield quality, cover crop biomass, and soil N dynamics in an irrigated Merlot vineyard in Okanagan Valley, BC. 

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