• The Canadian Grapevine Certification Network

    Canadian Grapevine Certification Network

    Supporting research and educational initiatives to reduce the prevalence of grapevine viruses and ensure long-term vineyard stability.

    About CGCN

Quality & Credibility for Canadian Grape Growers

CGCN works to ensure that Canadian growers and wineries have access to certified clean, quality grapevine material.


Enabling nurseries to provide certified clean, high-quality domestic grapevine material.

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CGCN is committed to conducting research into all aspects of vineyard health and production.

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Canadian grapevine research, webinars and helpful grape and wine industry resources.

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CGCN Certifications

Quality Vines, Better Grapes

CGCN works to advance the Canadian grape and wine industry by ensuring a sustainable supply of high quality, certified propagative grapevine material. 

CGCN is a collaboration between the Grape Growers of Ontario, the British Columbia Wine Grape Council, l'Association des vignerons du Québec, and the Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia.

Since our incorporation in 2017, our mandate has been to support research and educational initiatives that promote a clean plant network for domestically certified, virus-tested and pathogen-free grapevines in Canada. 

About CGCN


Our Certification Programs

Through our ongoing research to better understand virus diseases and their impact on grape and wine production, we have developed a national clean plant program to reduce grapevine infections. 

Our Interim Verification Program tests existing propagative blocks to identify infected plants as well as plants at a high risk for infection.

Our Certification Programs work with nurseries to provide domestically-certified, pathogen-free grapevine materials.

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News & Updates

Stay current on what's new with the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network.

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BC Growing Degrees Days Update - May 2024

Posted Jun 4th, 2024 in Cold Hardiness & Climate Change

Summerland RDC - BC Growing Degree Days Update May 2024

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BC Growing Degrees Days Update - April 2024

Posted May 3rd, 2024 in Cold Hardiness & Climate Change

Summerland RDC - BC Growing Degree Days Update April 2024

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Nova Scotia 2023-24 Bud Hardiness Report No. 5

Posted Apr 5th, 2024 in Cold Hardiness & Climate Change

Kentville RDC - 2023-24 Nova Scotia Bud Hardiness Report No. 5

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We help ensure nurseries, growers and wineries have access to clean, quality grapevine material. To learn more about CGCN, or apply to our Certification Programs, contact our team today. 

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