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    The CGCN ensures the quality of grapevines across Canada through research and rigorous certification protocols.

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    A commitment to research and grapevine health.

    CGCN is dedicated to initiating and supporting research into all aspects of grapevine health in Canada.

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Quality & Credibility for Canadian Grapevine Growers

The CGCN works to ensure that Canadian growers and wineries have access to clean, quality grapevine material.

About CGCN

Our objective is to ensure a sustainable supply of certified propagative grapevine material.

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CGCN is committed to conducting research into all aspects of grapevine health.

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Demonstrate your dedicated to providing high quality domestic grapevine material.

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CGCN Certifications

Quality Vines, Better Grapes

CGCN works to advance the Canadian grape and wine industry by ensuring a sustainable supply of high quality, certified propagative grapevine material. 

The CGCN is a collaboration between the Grape Growers of Ontario, the British Columbia Wine Grape Council, l'Association des vignerons du Québec, and the Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia.

One of the first orders of business for the CGCN is to establish an industry Certification Committee, who will recommend certification standards to the CGCN Board within the next year.

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Our Certification Standards

Show grape growers your commitment to producing quality propagative grapevine materials with CGCN certification.

With CGCN Certification, you can proudly demonstrate to growers that your nursery is dedicated to providing sustainable domestic grapevine material of the highest quality, that has been vetted and tested free from virus.

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CGCN News & Updates

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Grapevine Leafroll Viruses Project

Grapevine Leafroll Viruses Project

Posted Apr 9th, 2019 in News Articles, Resources, Reposts

Tom Lowery and Jose Úrbez-Torres of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada explore Grapevine Leafroll virus in a multi-year study.

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Grapevine Bud Hardiness Testing

Grapevine Bud Hardiness Testing

Posted Mar 19th, 2019 in News Articles, Resources, Reposts

Carl Bodganoff of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada explores grapevine bud hardiness.

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New GIS Tools to Guide Terroir-Based Precision Management for Vineyards

New GIS Tools to Guide Terroir-Based Precision Management for Vineyards

Posted Mar 18th, 2019 in News Articles, Resources, Reposts

Pat Bowen of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada explore using GIS tools for vineyard management.

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