Summerland RDC - Cold Hardiness and Assessing Bud Damage

Posted Jan 6th, 2022 in Cold Hardiness & Climate Change

Summerland Research and Development Centre

Cold Hardiness - Assessing Bud Damage

Winter temperatures in the hills surrounding Kelowna and areas to the north dipped below -27 °C over the holidays. 

Average bud hardiness (LTE50 – the ambient temperature at which 50% bud kill can occur) for Vitis vinifera at that time ranged between -23 °C to  -25 °C.  Widespread winter bud and vine damage is unfortunately to be expected. 

Below is a brief prepared by Carl Bogdanoff outlining ‘How to assess winter bud damage’.  It also provides some tips on pruning in response to winter damage.

Click here to view the brief

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