Webinar: Tissue Culture & Crown Gall 

Posted Mar 24th, 2022 in Webinars

Tissue Culture & Crown Gall

For our third webinar of 2022, we divide our focus between Tissue Culture and Crown Gall, with expert input from across Canada and the United States. To present on tissue culture, we welcomed Dr. Robin Browne of Acadia University, and Rob Haynes of CGCN-RCCV nursery partner Upper Canada Growers. For the discussion on Crown Gall, we saw presentations from Dr. Tanja Voegel of University of British Columbia-Okanagan, and Dr. Judit Monis of Vineyard and Plant Health Consulting.

To view PDFs of each presentation separately, click the text buttons below:

Plant tissue culture

Grapevine crown gall: overview and prevention

Crown gall disease of grapevines: identification of a biological control and sustainable management strategies

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