Webinar: 'Crop Protection & Monitoring' Cluster Update

Posted Jun 9th, 2022 in Webinars

'Crop Protection & Monitoring' Cluster Update

For our fourth cluster research update webinar, we welcomed the following researchers to present updates on their respective Grape & Wine Cluster projects within the theme of Crop Protection and Monitoring, which aims to explore crop protection strategies for healthier fruit and a reduction in the use of pest control products:

-Dr. Tom Forge (Activity 15A - Unearthing the impacts of plant-parasitic nematodes on grapevine health and productivity)
-Dr. Deborah Henderson (Activity 16B - Novel approaches to IPM strategies for climbing cutworm in wine grapes)
-Dr. Tom Lowery (Activity 17A - Development of sustainable management practices for leafhoppers on grapes)
-Dr. Miranda Hart (Activity 19B - Using groundcover to control soil borne pathogens in grapevines)

If you would like to see more research updates from these projects, visit the Crop Protection & Monitoring section of our website. To learn more about all of the research activities in the cluster, click here.

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