Nova Scotia 2022-23 Bud Hardiness Report No. 2

Posted Dec 14th, 2022 in Cold Hardiness and Climate Change

Kentville Research and Development Centre

2022-23 Bud Hardiness Report No. 2 - Nova Scotia

Attached, from Jeff Franklin and Dr. Harrison Wright, is the second Nova Scotia bud hardiness report for the 2022-23 year.  The Nova Scotia wine grape bud hardiness survey generates a bi-weekly report of the low temperature exotherm (LTE) values over the dormant period (roughly from late October to late April). 

Note from the research team: "All varieties continue to acclimate to cooler temperatures with changes since the last survey date ranging from -1.1 °C (Chardonnay) to -3.2 °C (Marquette). The current LTE50 values, shown below, are similar to the five-year averages for this date: Chardonnay -22.6 °C, L’Acadie Blanc - 24.1 °C, Marquette -27.1 °C, Pinot Noir -22.9 °C, and Riesling -22.8 °C. The forecast for the next two weeks predicts temperatures near or slightly above average leaving a wide margin of safety between current acclimation levels and observed temperatures."

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