Nova Scotia 2022-23 Bud Hardiness Report No. 5

Posted Jan 23rd, 2023 in Cold Hardiness & Climate Change

Kentville Research and Development Centre

2022-23 Bud Hardiness Report No. 5 - Nova Scotia

Attached, from Jeff Franklin and Dr. Harrison Wright, is the 5th Nova Scotia bud hardiness report for the 2022-23 year.  The Nova Scotia wine grape bud hardiness survey generates a bi-weekly report of the low temperature exotherm (LTE) values over the dormant period (roughly from late October to late April). 

Note from the research team: "Bud hardiness levels continue to either hold or slightly deacclimate for the third consecutive survey date. Marquette has been consistently deacclimating since December 5 with a difference of 1.3 °C since that date. Currently, LTE50 values for Marquette and L’Acadie Blanc are 3.7 °C and 3.8 °C above their 5-year mean LTE50 values for this time of year. We are attributing this difference to the temperatures being consistently warmer than average. For the first 15 days on January 2023, temperatures at the Kentville Research Centre have been 3.4 °C warmer than the 25-year average. In spite of this, there remains a 10 to 15 °C margin of safety between the current levels of acclimation and the forecasted temperatures for the next two weeks."

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