Tools for Managing Bio-Security

Posted Oct 28th, 2019 in News & Updates

Tools for Managing Bio-Security

Tools for Managing Bio-Security, CFIA

Canadian fruit and tree nut producers currently implement many bio-security measures
to prevent and manage pests. The objective of the National Voluntary Farm-Level
Bio-security Standard for the Fruit and Tree Nut Industries is to provide producers with a
nationally consistent proactive approach to prevent the introduction and spread of pests
through implementation of bio-security measures. A nationally consistent approach to
preventing and managing pests is important for Canadian producers to maintain
domestic and international markets.
Bio-security refers to a series of management practices designed to prevent, minimize
and manage the introduction and spread of pests. This includes pests not established
in Canada, pests established in limited areas of Canada, and pests widely distributed
that can spread from farm to farm.

To read the full CFIA standard, please click here: 

To read the CFIA Bio-security guide for developing your own protocols, please click here: 

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