Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Pruning Webinars

Posted May 6th, 2021 in News Articles, Resources

By the National Vineyard Deterioration Plan

Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Pruning Webinars

*Both webinars are only delivered in French*

Grapevine Trunk Diseases webinar

In order to better understand deterioration, Chloé Delmas and Giovanni Bortolami (Inrae from Bordeaux) worked on the characteristics of the vessels of the vine. In particular, they showed the role of the size of the vessels in the capacity of the vine to limit the progression of esca or to resist drought.

During this webinar, Chloé Delmas and Giovanni Bortolami answer questions posed by Thomas Chassaing from the Pays de la Loire chamber of agriculture. They then tackle the new avenues of research explored and explain in particular the link between the leaf symptoms of esca and the presence of occlusions in the vessels of the leaves.

Tune into CGCN-RCCV's Grapevine Trunk Diseases webinar on Thursday May 27th, 2021.

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Respecting sap flow

Pruning that respects the flow of sap or sustainable pruning is often cited as one of the preventive solutions to fight against wood diseases.

How to implement it ? What are the advantages of this technique?

Adeline Mallet (Indre-et-Loire Chamber of Agriculture), François Dal (Sicavac) and Guillaume Paire (Saône-et-Loire Chamber of Agriculture) recall here the good practices of sustainable pruning and answer your questions during this webinar.

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