Wineries and Local Nurseries Aim to Shape Regional Terroir

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Wineries and Local Nurseries Aim to Shape Regional Terroir


Wine is a global commodity, but does it make for a better product when everything is locally sourced?

The history of wine-grape cultivation dates to at least 6,000 B.C., and it’s deeply intertwined with the development of civilizations, empires and global trade. Grapes are planted on every continent except Antarctica, and producers craft bottlings from grape varieties indigenous to regions across the planet.

But increasingly, winemakers try to source ingredients from closer to home in a bid, they say, to create more authentic and delicious wines. Their reasons are many, and range from concerns over the spread of pests and disease, to logistics and a desire to develop their region’s terroir.

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  • Having a clean plant program in Canada will allow growers to replant vineyards with healthy domestically produced vines to maintain the long-term viability of their vineyards.
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