Webinar: 'Optimizing the Quality of Canadian Wines' Cluster Update

Posted Jun 23rd, 2022 in Webinars

Optimizing the Quality of Canadian Wines Cluster Update

For our final webinar of 2022, we welcomed the following cluster researchers working within the theme of "Optimizing the Quality of Canadian Wines" to share updates on their work to date. Research in this cluster theme includes development of indigenous yeasts for domestic wine production, field-to-winery management strategies for improving fermentation efficiency and tannin profiles in red wine, improved processes for sparkling wine production, and consistency in the marketplace.

-Dr. Debbie Inglis (Activity 12B) - TanninAlert: Improving Canadian red wine quality and consumer acceptance through winemaking techniques by grape variety and tannin level).

-Dr. Lihua Fan (Activity 13A) and Dr. Gavin Kernaghan (Activity 13B) - Improving wine quality through mixed and sequential fermentations with indigenous yeasts.

-Dr. Belinda Kemp (Activity 14B) - Improving sparkling and still wine quality: preventing high volatile acidity, honey off-flavour and other faults that reduce wine quality through natural Canadian indigenous yeast isolates.

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Dr. Debbie Inglis Tannin Alert

If you would like to see more research updates from these projects, visit the Optimizing the Quality of Canadian Wines section of our website. To learn more about all of the research activities in the cluster, click here.

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